With career coaching you are investing in your future employability.


How confident are you with your future employability?

The world is changing.


Are you ready for the technological revolution? Do your skills stand the test of time? Maybe you have noticed that there are less jobs in the field that you work in, or perhaps you want to change careers but you can't seem to progress in the direction that you want to go into. Maybe talking to your family and friends  creates new possibilities, or alternatively reduces your options, resulting in you finding it harder to make a decision.

By investing in yourself you are securing your future.


It never ceases to amaze me that whilst some individuals are willing to pay for expensive cars, phones or clothes - they consider investing in themselves for their employability a luxury! The amount of time we spend working in our lives, surely it is worth knowing where we want to be in our career and how to get there.  By investing in yourself you will appreciate how delicate the fit is between us and the work that we choose to do. This understanding of how we fit into the workplace supports you in making confident work decisions.

Steps to your success ...


Together we will review your: work history, education, strengths, accomplishments, problem areas, skills, values, motivations and goals.  I can also offer career assessments. We can then explore and examine career possibilities based on 'you'. Together we will create a targeted plan to move to you forwards.

Take a look at your programme of study below.

Your programme of study:-

You know you need to find a new job or career because...


Perhaps you need to work around family commitments. or maybe you feel trapped in your current role and can't think of a way to progress.

Invest in yourself and your career.


You know that you should do something but you have so much other things to spend your money on.  Career Planning is personal development at its best - invest in yourself.

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30 minutes free consultation with no obligation.  Alternatively, contact me with a brief email outlining what you feel that you need help with and I will outline how the programme could support you.

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Joanna Derby - MBA, Dip CG, QTS

Career Coach


Fully qualified Careers Guidance Adviser holding the Diploma in Careers Guidance, MBA in Educational Management; Psychometric Testing BPS Level A; Professional Certificate in Education with QTS; and BA Hons Business Studies.


Experience and areas of interest

I have twenty years' employability and career coaching experience. 

Although coach all different clients, I am particularly interested in coaching women who are returning to work after a break or having children.  For some, the complexities of practical arrangements alongside finding work that they are interested in can be quite a tricky process.  It is a period of transition which sometimes needs an external person to help them through this period of change.


Professional Associations

Member of the Careers Development Institute and License Holder of the Firework Coaching Programme.

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